Ep 22: Jersey Devils & Catmen | Talking to actress Madison Eckstrand

The Head Weirdos in Charge speak with up and coming actress Madison Eckstrand about creepy cryptids, haunted sets, and her new horror anthology series(soon to be a major motion picture!) Very Frightening Tales!

Join the Head Weirdos JD & The Ghost today as they sit down with actress Madison Eckstrand.  Madison is the star of the new horror anthology series Very Frightening Tales, which is also being made into a feature film! Madison brings frightening tales of her own, including some haunted set stories, encounters with real life cryptids, and her favorite guilty pleasure movie.  Did we mention that Madison is winning this hard at life, all while being just 17 years old! What were we even doing at 17?! It definitely wasn't landing legit acting gigs and absolsutely killing it!

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