Ep 13: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes | A Spotlight on Marilyn Monroe

A look at the life of Marilyn Monroe, featuring the new Official Pinup Girls of Goin' Hollywood!

We have a great episode in store for you today, Hollyweirdos! Today we are talking about legendary silver screen icon, Marilyn Monroe! We are joined by our newest edition to our mad little cinematic universe, the lovely and talented Official Goin' Hollywood Pinup Girls, Lola Von Lemon & Ms. Sugar Beach! We are looking at Marilyn's life, the fame, the glory...and of course the conspiracy theories that surround her untimely death!

Sugar & Lola have also been working extremely hard on a project to do some good, and we are so excited to partner with them, check them out on Facebook for the Pinup of the Month Charity Pinup Contest! Each month we are raising donations for a monthly charity, and February we are raising funds for the American Heart Association! Check them out here for more details!

Along with partnering with Lola & Sugar, we have launched our official Patreon, and our online Discord community, Weirdoville!  We are donating a portion of all Patreon contributions to our monthly cause, this month the American Heart Association.  Along with helping us do some good, you will get access to Weirdoville and get to interact with us and other like minded Hollyweirdos on our private Discord server.  Citizens of Weirdoville will get early access to episodes, Inner Circle will get access to BONUS episodes, including the new horror themed Friday Night Fright Fest episodes, to help satiate that special horror craving we all have! Join Weirdoville today!

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IG & FB: @ms.sugarbeach

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