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Candy for Thanksgiving | A Look at Uncle Buck

A look at the John Candy classic, Uncle Buck!

WAY too 80's | A Review of Tuff Turf

A review of the 19802 cult classic, Tuff Turf

The Night That He Came Home | A Review of Halloween

The Head Weirdos review the spooky season classic, Halloween!

You're a Funny Guy | An In-Depth Look at Goodfellas

The Head Weirdos cover the true life inspired gangland classic, Goodfellas!

On the Dark Side | Top Ten Dark Lords of Cinema!

The Head Weirdos take a look at the top ten most evil dark lords of movies!

Movie Review | The Wolf of Wall Street

This week the Head Weirdos review The Wolf of Wall Street!

(BONUS)Red Dead Racists | Simple Pleasures in Gaming

Bonus episode discussing the most satisfying thing you can do in Red Dead Redemption 2...

Tolerating Tinseltown | Passing the Bechdel Test

This week the Head Weirdos are joined by two special guests to discuss surprising movies that pass the Bechdel Test!

Australian Ninjas | Clawing into The Velocipastor

The Head Weirdos take on the microbudget horror-comedy The Velocipastor!

Scrumdidliumpios Lie | The Cult of Wonka

Today the Head Weirdos take a look at everyone's favorite chocolate factory!

Goin' to the Hollywood Museum | with Donelle Dadigan

Today the Head Weirdos welcome to the show founder and president of the Hollywood Museum, Donelle Dadigan!

Goin' To The Beach | A Look At The New Movie OLD

The Ghost's favorite filmmaker, M Night Shyamalan, is back for a beach vibe thriller, so the Head Weirdos HAD to cover this one! Today JD & The Ghost look into Old!

Part Time Hobbit | Animator & Filmmaker Scott Sava!

The Head Weirdos got to sit down with Scott Sava, the visionary behind the animated Netflix hit Animal Crackers!

Welcome to Earth | Today We Celebrate Independence Day!

Join us as we look at one of our favorite alien invasion movies, Independence Day, with special exclusive interview with Dr. Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute!

Big Wave Summer! | A Look at Point Break

Surfs up brah! Today the Head Weirdos surf into summer with the 1991 action movie, Point Break!

Would You Like to Know More?! | Talking with Teo

Welcoming Teo to the Not So Secret Underground Lair! Teo has starred in Starship Troopers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and much more!

Ep 27: The Dead Rise Again | A Netflix Original #Alive Movie Review

The dead rise again for Goin' Hollywood's first ever movie review!

BONUS Time To Review! | Unveiling the Weirdo Scale!

Unveiling of the Weirdo Scale, the brand new movie review rating scale, brought to you by the twisted minds of the Head Weirdos!

Ep 26 Setting The Standard! | Jazz Superstar Aubrey Logan

The Head Weirdos, JD & The Ghost, sit down with jazz star Aubrey Logan!

Ep 25: I Am The Law | A Spotlight on Judge Dredd

A spotlight on the world of Judge Dredd!

Ep 24: Mother of the Year | Mama Fratelli

First annual Mother's Day special celebrating the worst moms in film! Join the Head Weirdos this year as they look into Mama Fratelli from The Goonies!

Ep 23: Hail to the Queen | Laura Meadows

Join the Head Weirdos as they welcome another scream queen onto the show, Laura Meadows!

Ep 22: Jersey Devils & Catmen | Talking to actress Madison Eckstrand

The Head Weirdos in Charge speak with up and coming actress Madison Eckstrand about creepy cryptids, haunted sets, and her new horror anthology series(soon to be a major motion picture!) Very Frightening Tales!

Ep 21: Stirring up the Senses | The Sixth Sense VS Stir of Echoes

Join us for the battle of the supernatural, The Sixth Sense VS Stir of Echoes!

Ep 20: Down The Pipe | Super Mario Bros!

An off the rails look at an off the rails movie!

Ep 19: Minimum Triple Threat | An Interview with Martin Guigui

Composer, writer, director, this guy does it all! Join us as we discuss film, among other things, with Martin Guigui!

Ep 18: Hail to the Queen | Lisa Wilcox

Our very first in our "Hail to the Queen" series, featuring Lisa Wilcox of Nightmare on Elm St 4 & 5!

Ep 17: Breaker 1-9 | Top Ten BIG RIG Carnage Scenes

Our top ten list of the best scenes in film that involve the use of a big rig truck as a weapon!

Ep 16: The Voice of Our Childhood | JD speaks with Neil Ross

A conversation with voiceover legend, Neil Ross!

Ep 15: The My T-Sharp | Exploring Coming to America

A look at the comedy classic riches to rags story, Coming to America!

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